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The reflexive self theory takes the stand that the information about the self is not happening unbeknown to the individual but rather the individual is aware and reflects on their position and status in society. That the individual is aware of what goes on to shape their identity. The theory maintains that social practices are constantly examined and changed dependant on the information being processed about those practices, this alters character accordingly. Individuals transform by reflecting and reforming. This runs counter to such theories as governmentality theories that have the individual as a victim of subtle power and social control behind their backs. It could be argued that there are reflexive individuals in society that are what is termed awake in spiritual circles but it would be very much doubted that it was the norm and most of society is oblivious to what goes on behind their…

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The Impossible, Implausible, Uphill Task of Loving Others

J.S. Park: Hospital Chaplain, Skeptical Christian

sureles asked a question:

The bible says to: “speak to one another with psalms, hymns, and songs from the Spirit. Sing and make music from your heart to the Lord” and I want to so badly. I want to be joyful, full of words of encouragement to those who need it. To love others well–especially those closest to me. But I am finding that I am unable to. I am finding myself to be more selfish and needy than I want to admit to myself. How can I love others well when I feel so weak and needy myself?

Hey my dear friend,the truth is that loving people was never going to be easy, because people are not easy.

They’re difficult, fluctuating, frustrating, and completely the opposite of math, because they’re unpredictable.  Even loving a person well is no guarantee that it’ll turn out okay.  And since each of us…

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Chaos of the mind

This is where I vent my deepest thoughts and feelings I guess?

Sometimes, we as human beings; become scared of the unknown, the things we’ll never understand. Some people use this as an excuse to hurt people; manipulate them. The very painful reality is that we are programmed this way. It’s in our DNA. Human beings sicken me.

Recently, I myself have had a fair share of shit from people who’ve tried to use my weaknesses against me; but I continue strong. Because I’ve became in-human enough to push it aside and translate the pain they feel.

You see, You get to the point sometimes where emotions don’t really compute with you. Am I angry/ upset? or just not giving a fuck at all? I’d happily sleep it all away and worry about it when pigs fucking fly and the sky falls down on my head.

But we as human beings rely on feeling. When we’ve passed the point of self-destruction and become emotionless creatures…

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holy POOP! I gotta it up and running… and i normally have no patience

how does TUMBLR work exactly?


so this is what you call me popping my “blogging Cherry”. Speaking of cherries thats why this one is going to be short & sweet, like I love my man Zilla. Anyway, my best friend just called and surprised me with a free trip to EUROPEAN WAX CENTER… mm hmm, you guessed it. The cookie is getting a Brazilian. Am I mental or is it normal to go through that much pain for beauty? I mean normally I say no, but I think these estheticians giggle every time they make a client cry. But I have lost the struggle with keeping up with the Jones’s. Using the razor in the shower method is dangerous and kinda risky. No body like paper cuts. Anyways, off to cry inside. PEACE, LOVE & CHICKEN GREASE.

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So I started out with New Years Resolutions… not the “New Year, New Me” thing. But things I wanted to start bringing back into my routine.

1) Read daily devotional

2) Start a blog 😉

3) Get my NASM certification

4) Get my makeup business up and running FULL TIME

5) Read 1 book every 3-5month (thats realistic for me)

6) (maybe) Do another NPC national show once I get my money back up

anyways… what was everyone else’s? besides working out. 20150126_083028