bob the builder & forrest gump alter egos don’t mix

so in regards to painting, stressing about finishing my “make-up studio” has finally caught to me. My adrenal glands are filled up and back is feelin pretty tight and tense. Also I think its because after painting all day, I thought it would be a good idea to go run 3 miles around the TCU stadium aka “the loop” and i thought i was competing for who could run the fastest if the zombie apocalypse came. But being the old stubborn soul that I am I probably should of stretched a little more. So this typing and being something other than a vegetable in my bed, well lets just say I suck at being a human today. Lord help me, I know I aint livin right… but I will take better care of my body stretching, do yoga, drink more water and get my weekly deep tissue, IF YOU PLEASE TAKE THESE KNOTS OUT OF MY NECK & BACK. That is all.


FOLLOW ME ON PINTEREST (SHAWNNA DOTY) and I have a board directly for information of adrenal glands and how to recover and cleanse them. It’s life changing.

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