Chaos of the mind

This is where I vent my deepest thoughts and feelings I guess?

Sometimes, we as human beings; become scared of the unknown, the things we’ll never understand. Some people use this as an excuse to hurt people; manipulate them. The very painful reality is that we are programmed this way. It’s in our DNA. Human beings sicken me.

Recently, I myself have had a fair share of shit from people who’ve tried to use my weaknesses against me; but I continue strong. Because I’ve became in-human enough to push it aside and translate the pain they feel.

You see, You get to the point sometimes where emotions don’t really compute with you. Am I angry/ upset? or just not giving a fuck at all? I’d happily sleep it all away and worry about it when pigs fucking fly and the sky falls down on my head.

But we as human beings rely on feeling. When we’ve passed the point of self-destruction and become emotionless creatures…

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