holy POOP! I gotta it up and running… and i normally have no patience

how does TUMBLR work exactly?


so this is what you call me popping my “blogging Cherry”. Speaking of cherries thats why this one is going to be short & sweet, like I love my man Zilla. Anyway, my best friend just called and surprised me with a free trip to EUROPEAN WAX CENTER… mm hmm, you guessed it. The cookie is getting a Brazilian. Am I mental or is it normal to go through that much pain for beauty? I mean normally I say no, but I think these estheticians giggle every time they make a client cry. But I have lost the struggle with keeping up with the Jones’s. Using the razor in the shower method is dangerous and kinda risky. No body like paper cuts. Anyways, off to cry inside. PEACE, LOVE & CHICKEN GREASE.

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