Apparently I was oblivious in the knowing about essentials oils and how they can change our lives. Yesterday I went to a massage therapist who specializes in the routine of using oils to cleanse, relax the mind and body. Which I will warn does its job, in more ways than 1. I told her that I was experiencing pain in my back and neck, and had read up on getting adrenal glands cleansed through acu-pressure therapy, that is what I wanted. Boy!!!! It does detox your body like no other. I am paying the price for years of build up but I am sure this will help me in the long run. Anyway off to try and go to sleep. Being sick is painful and annoying which is hard for all day go-goer.

NEURIUM AD: how i make my face look great… when i feel like death

so I’ve had a bug for the last 4 days but my skin tone and tightness… you would think everything is gravy! my skin is glowing, and tummy/butt/legs haven’t loosened at all. I say that bc normally i lose my appetite, and when i do that my muscles pay for it! but i think its a big deal to do with staying on my skin care routine with my Nerium ad creams. i use the day & night cream, along with the body firmer 2x a day. check it out!! i get no profit from this i just simply want my friends to check it and give it a try!

I have a few clients already on it. Even my mom,all my aunt and both grandmothers love it! check it out! <— MY LINK