Ever been to BUCKLE, the clothing store?? Ever feel almost bothered or harrased by the ‘sales assistant’ ? WELL, I definitely have. And I worked there almost 5 years ago. But I said screw this and quit, because I couldn’t stand how annoying they wanted us to be. I have to mention that normally I am the type of shopper that I when I come into the a store (which is rare)… unless I’m in a hurry or at I’m at TARGET, I like to look at EVERYTHINGGGG!!!! and not be bothered while I’m doing it… a few “ARE YOU DOING OKAY?” or “CAN I HELP YOU WITH ANYTHING?” are perfectly understandable. But not when I feel like a girl swimming in the deep ocean with a school of sharks swarming around me or don’t know when one is gonna pop out of nowhere and try to come in for the kill. Like a damn episode of JAWS. Well this is the experience I had at ULTA. Man, I love that whole store. Normally you can’t pull me away from the high end retail selection of makeup; but today it was like I had to check my peripheral vision to see if any were coming to the BENEFIT or URBAN DECAY section. Literally, there was a select pair of girls, that knew they had “checked in” (each girl, so that’s 10 total)
and finally one, who seemed was the most relentless, finally said

she: “I’m just checking, if you need ANNNYYYTHING, I’d be happy to help you”

ME: “yes. I know, thank you. The other girl just checked with me as well”

she: “so if you need anything, you can just ask”

ME: “yes ma’am, I know. Literally, I’m okay. I just like to look” (now I’m getting annoyed”

she: “yea, cuz you can just grab me if you have any questions, you can come grab me, I DONT WANNA PRESSURE YOU”

ME: “yes, thank you. I’m fine the other girl literally just asked me”

she: “ohhh, that’s why I was saying just ask” (she wasn’t getting the hint”

ME: “I know, haha. Man, y’all are like tag-teaming. If I need ANYTHING, I’ll holla at you”

she: “oh, ok good. thank you”


***no wonder I online shop; or wanna go to SEPHORA, they leave you alone unless you seek them out.

sorry. ~rant over~ INTROVERT SHOPPERS, beware: ULTA has reached the same harassment level as BUCKLE. shop online or take someone with you. My anxiety level is at a 10. Bout to go shopping looking like this

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