ShawnDiesel DOTY

Bio: I'm the oldest 30yr old... lol now, after all these years, I finally think I figured out my game plan. I am a Personal Trainer at a Hardcore Gym in Fort Worth Texas. Which is ironic is because most of my younger life I was a chub chub and I thought I was SEEEEXXYY. Haha. Anyway now gym is my life because I also compete in Women's Physique in the NPC. But on the other hand I'm so O.C.D. it makes me lazy in the am, I'm obsessed w/ makeup, and becoming a successful ENTREPRENEUR. But I wanna be famous too, so I can't make my mind up. So here maybe jots of nots on tips for workouts, makeup tips and just little bitch sessions or Q&A if anyone cares. And I'm obsessed with Audrey Hepburn in Breakfast @ tiffany's

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